Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Connecting to ASM Instance

The ASM and database instances must have equivalent operating system access rights. For example, the ASM instance and the database instance must have identical read and write permissions for the disks that comprise the related ASM disk group. For UNIX systems, this is typically provided through shared UNIX group membership. On Windows systems, the ASM service can run as Administrator.

An ASM instance does not have a data dictionary, so the only way to connect to an ASM instance is by using one of three system privileges, SYSASM, SYSDBA, or SYSOPER. There are three modes of connecting to ASM instances:

•Local connection using operating system authentication

sqlplus / AS SYSDBA

•Local connection using password authentication

sqlplus sys/admin as sysdba

•Remote connection by way of Oracle Net Services using password authentication


(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = server123)(PORT = 1521))

sqlplus sys/password@myasm as sysdba

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