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Oracle Releases History


Founded - 1977 in Santa Clara, California USA, by Larry Ellison,Bob miner & Ed Oates
under the name SDL (Software Development Laboratories).

In 1979 SDL has been changed to RSI (Relational Software, Inc)

In 1982 RSI renamed to Oracle Systems Corporation to align itself more with its flagship procduct Oracle Database.

In 1995 Oracle Systems corporation has been changed to ORACLE corporation.

Oracle Releases.

Oracle Version 1

1978 - Oracle Version 1 written in assembly language, Oracle V1 is never officially released. The name oracle comes from the code name of a CIA project which the founders had all worked on while at the Ampex corporation.

Oracle Version 2

Jun 1979 - The first version of the oracle database software purchased by
Wright-Patterson Air force base runs on PDP-11 hardware ( The Company decided to name the first version of its flagship product "Version 2").

Oracle Version 3

Mar 1983 Oracle database is rewritten in 'C' Language for portability and
Oracle Version 3 released.

Oracle Version 4

Oct 1984 Oracle version 4 is released with introducing read consistency.

Oracle Version 5

1985 Oracle version 5 is released - one of the first RDBMS to operate in client-server mode.

Oracle Version 5.1

1986 Oracle Version 5.1 released with support for distributed queries. Investigation of clustering begins.

Oracle Version 6

1988 Oracle version 6 is released with support for row level locking and hot backups.

Oracle Version 7

Jun 1992 Oracle 7 is released with performance enhancements, administrative utilities, application-development tools, security features, the ability to persist PL/SQL program units in the database as stored procedures and triggers, and support for declarative referential integrity.

Oracle Version 8

Jun 1997 Oracle 8 is released with SQL object technology, Internet technology and
support for terabytes of data.

Oracle Version 8i

Sepr 1998 Oracle 8i is released (the i stands for Internet).

Oracle Version 9i

2000 Oracle 9i and Application Server is released. In May, Oracle announces the
Internet File System (iFS), later re-branded as Oracle Content Management SDK.[13]

Oracle Version 10g

2004 Oracle 10g is released (the g stands for Grid).

Oracle Version 11g

2007 Oracle 11g is released.

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